Want to grow plants, but don't think you have enough room? Well think again...

Discover How To Quickly And Easily Master Simple Container Gardening Techniques To Help Transform Any Patio, Window Box Or Outdoor Area At Home

Just Because You Have A Small Space Doesn't
Mean You Can't Enjoy Beautiful Plants.

Here's how...

Dear Gardener,

Do you have a small backyard, maybe you live in a apartment with a tiny balcony or window ledge?

Just because the space you have available is small it doesn't mean you can't look out and enjoy beautiful plants whenever you want.

Have you ever found yourself a little angry or frustrated that anything you do struggle to try and grow on your patio, dies soon after planting and has been a waste of your time, money and effort?

If you've ever felt or experienced ANY of these things, then pay careful attention to what I'm about to tell you in the next 5 minutes, because...

I Promise
This Will Help

Now the thing is: As frustrated gardeners with limited available space, but with a burning desire to get our fingers dirty, and actually grow something we can either eat or admire...

We Face Two Big Problems

(1) How to effectively use ALL the space we do have to the maximum.

(2) Lack of knowledge of exactly WHAT plants can be grown in our precious space.

Now, at this point you might be wondering, "Yes, but where do I get specific answers to problems of growing plants in a small area"?

This is where I come in:

See, I've recently stumbled, quite by accident, on an amazing solution to all these problems...

...a half-forgotten out-of-print book full of outdoor pot and container gardening techniques that shows you how to have lots of healthy plants growing in ANY barbecue area, yard, terrace or doorway.

And the best bit is, I've managed to get the republishing rights to the original book and made it into an easy ebook download.

The book is called...

"Simple Gardening For Beginners"

As you read the book you'll realise just how easy it is for keen gardeners just like you, to have a sense of satisfaction, pride and achievement when picking your blooms, fruit and vegetables.

In fact, this book is such a help and inspiration...

I Was Determined To Bring
This Book Back Into
The Public Eye

And that's just what I've done...

The thing is: Until recently this resource was almost lost to the modern day gardener and although it's helped a small number of people over the last few decades, it's only recently become available again after months of painstaking research and development on my part.

This long-lost book has now been digitally scanned and revamped for the internet age where, let's face it - instant downloads are demanded by everyone!

It's packed full of stunning photographs showing every detail of easy pot and container growing techniques...

It's ideal for those interested in gardening and growing things, but have limited time...

...who don't want to be digging great areas of soil, but are happy to get their hands dirty for short periods...

...and want quick results with minimum effort.

Here Are Some Of The Things
You'll Discover Inside
'Simple Gardening For Beginners'...

16 places around your home you can use right now to grow plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables. You'll never again be short of ideas or a place to grow something!

14 different materials you can use to make a container. Just about anything around our home can be pressed into use. Find out what you can use... today!

What makes an ideal container? Follow these simple rules and you'll have years of plentiful growth from all your pots and containers!

Clay Pot Secrets. Discover what you can and can't do with clay pots. Armed with this knowledge, you'll get years of useful life out of every clay pot you use!

6 different soil mixtures you should use for maximum growing success. Get this right and you'll be able to grow virtually anything, anywhere, anytime!

How to plant your plants. You just shove them into the pots and water them, right? WRONG! Discover the right way to handle soil, plants and pots!

Day-To-Day plant care. Now everything's planted up and growing nicely, you should tend your plants with loving care. Here's what to do to get maximum life and enjoyment from everything you grow!

Geraniums Galore. This hardy plant is one of the most popular and best loved plants for container gardening. Find out all the insider tricks and secrets for growing this great favourite!

Not sure how many trees and shrubs you can grow in containers? How about 27 hardy trees, 14 tender trees, 15 hardy shrubs and 11 tender shrubs for starters. Full details of every one inside!

Vines and creepers are ideal for masking ugly areas in your garden, or to use for screening. Here are 8 you can use right now to cover unsightly walls or keep prying eyes out!

If you like herbs and enjoy using them in cooking, you can grow a herb garden in containers. Imagine picking fragrant herbs from your kitchen window-box ready to use in your next meal!

Window-box 101. Everything from construction, planting, care and placement are covered. Create your own stunning display in every window of your property. That'll make the neighbours green with envy!

Hanging basket heaven. What you MUST do to make your hanging baskets a roaring success. Get this wrong and you'll miss out on growing any one of these 39 basket-friendly plants!

Only have a roof garden? No problem. Whether on one-story structures or on skyscrapers, rooftop gardens are havens with a charm of their own. Follow these simple guidelines and build your own Oasis in the sky!

And lots, lots more!

Now the thing is: If you wanted to uncover this sort of information yourself, it would take you months of your own time and thousands of Dollars - searching for what you need - buying the book - checking the legal copyright – scanning – conversion - editing and then making it available to people like you and me.

Now I know you're probably skeptical about how much it will help you after reading all the modern-day gardening books, but consider this: Simple Gardening For Beginners is filled from end-to-end with ORIGINAL container gardening facts and techniques for creating your own miniature fruit and vegetable farm!

It makes this a simple, effortless and fun thing to do...

...and that's what it's all about, right? Having fun!

This is NOT watered-down, re-hashed, second-hand information, passed on over the years...

Make no mistake, the content inside Simple Gardening For Beginners is the best of its kind...

So if you're really interested in pot and container growing at any level – then doesn't it make sense to at least give it a look?

And that's not all: I want you to use the techniques in Simple Gardening For Beginners - completely and totally risk-free (I'll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment)...

So now you've seen everything you'll discover in this resource, let me ask you a question...

If you don't use Simple Gardening For Beginners, what WILL you do to add colour and sweet smelling flowers to your windows, yard and porch?

You could carry on as you are... wasting your money buying the wrong plants and equipment...

Or you could keep buying force-grown, bland fruit and vegetables from the store, not knowing where it really came from...

...or what industrial pesticides are all over it...

Or you could keep on dreaming of growing your own plants, but not actually doing anything positive about it.

Will any of these things make you feel better about yourself for not at least getting your hands dirty and using the available space you do have for maximum return? Not likely.

But on the other hand, you can quickly and easily apply the secrets of Simple Gardening For Beginners, to raise your very own colourful flowers and vegetables to pick and eat... show off your skills to friends and family... and bask in the warm glow of achievement.

Now what would THAT be worth to your self-esteem!

Do You Finally Want To Start Feeling
Pride In Growing Home-Grown
Blooms, Fruit And Vegetables?

If "yes," then I invite you to come and download Simple Gardening For Beginners right away...

ClickBank Secured Payment

Now at this point you're probably asking, "So what does this cost and what do I get for my money?" That's a great question and one you deserve an answer to...

You can get it for the incredibly low price of just $47.

So what's the catch?

There is none. In fact, I'm...

Practically Giving
This Resource Away

And believe me, some people who've bought this amazing resource have even saved money on food and sold their flowers...

So they've not only saved money, but also put money in their pocket as well!

And here's another thing: Just imagine for a moment people you know, asking you for advice and help with their pot gardens...

You'll be seen as an expert - the 'go to' guy or girl!

Listen: Never before has the complete and authentic, Simple Gardening For Beginners resource been available.

This has only just been released to the public.

The fact is; long-lost knowledge like this can be worth many times the price to you over the coming years.

And don't forget, your copy of Simple Gardening For Beginners comes as an instantly downloadable ebook, so you can be digging into the contents in just a couple of minutes from now.

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Not bad, eh? But even more importantly...

I'm So Committed To Seeing You
Rapidly Improve Your Container Growing Knowledge
Using These Newly Recovered Methods

We're not over yet by a long shot, because remember earlier I told you about my risk-free guarantee? Well...

Here's The Best Guarantee
You've Ever Seen...

You're fully protected by my 60-day, 100%, iron-clad, money-back GUARANTEE: If you decide your copy of Simple Gardening For Beginners isn't right for you, just let me know within 60-days and I'll give you a prompt 100% refund – every penny you paid. That's a full refund, not partial or pro-rated...

The bottom line is: I'm more than happy to take all the risk on my shoulders, so you don't have anything to lose.

Could any offer be fairer than that?


It's So Easy
To Get Started

Okay, to get your hands on your instantly downloadable Simple Gardening For Beginners ebook... and fully protected, 60-day, 100% iron-clad money-back GUARANTEE - all you have to do is click the image below:

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Now go and grow something!


Karen Cole

P.S. You're just one click away from having an almost forgotten treasure trove of Outdoor Gardening In Containers techniques at your finger tips. Order now and take possession of the nearest thing to small-scale gardening heaven you'll ever find!

P.P.S. Remember you're completely covered by my 60-day, 100%, iron-clad, money-back GUARANTEE: If you decide your copy of Simple Gardening For Beginners isn't right for you, just let me know within 60-days and I'll give you a prompt 100% refund.

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